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Our Product

Secure, Scalable, Open-Source: NexoEdge revolutionizes cloud-native storage, ensuring efficient data access in edge and cloud environments.

Optimized Data Management

Tackle the challenges of cloud-native storage and security with NexoEdge’s innovative, efficient, and secure data management solutions.

Strengthened Security Assurance

According to the CNCF Survey 2022, security was the second most challenging issue in deploying containers.

NexoEdge prioritizes security with secret sharing techniques and advanced network coding. We transform data before distributing it across data centers, ensuring your data’s safety even if a data center is compromised.

Revolutionary Storage Solutions

We acknowledge that over 75% of applications require stateful containers and therefore, offer network-coded, efficient, and reliable storage solutions

Recognizing the limitations of traditional container storage, our platform revolutionizes data retention. This approach significantly reduces storage overhead and mitigates the risk of data loss.


Addressing the risk of data loss and scalability issues in local cluster storage, NexoEdge provides a resilient infrastructure. 

We use advanced network coding to ensure system availability and greater resilience against single site failures. Additionally, we employ a coded storage approach that ensures efficient storage utilization and data recovery.

High Performance Object Storage and Encoding

NexoEdge’s superior object storage solution is built for demanding AI/ML, data lake, and database workloads. Our patented multi-fault tolerance MDS array code encoding enhances system fault tolerance and reduces the computational complexity of encoding and decoding, significantly reducing repair bandwidth.

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Seamless Integration and Enterprise-Grade Open Source Solutions

Kubernetes-native multi-cloud storage integration combined with a reliable, open-source object storage system for enterprise-grade solutions.

Kubernetes-Native Integration and Multi-Cloud Storage

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With native Kubernetes integration, NexoEdge provides flexibility to avoid cloud lock-in, ensuring consistent object storage across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It employs a layered approach to data handling and disperses data across multiple clouds for enhanced security and accessibility.

Enterprise Grade Open Source Object Storage

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As an open-source solution, NexoEdge invites innovation and continuous improvements, ensuring it remains at the forefront of object storage technology. Trusted by numerous customers and community members, it delivers security, resiliency, durability, and operational excellence across deployments.