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About Nexoedge

Aspiring to dominate the global Edge-Cloud PaaS market, we ensure compatibility with worldwide cloud services, revolutionizing data transmission through network coding. Our specialized, secure, and efficient nEdge-nCloud platform is steered by experts leading the edge infrastructure landscape. 

Our team

Synergize with LF Edge 

As a LF Edge member within the Linux Foundation, we unlock value through a bottom-up approach. Our direct access to this esteemed network enables us to connect with 62 members seeking groundbreaking edge innovations like our unique Nexoedge, serving multinational corporations worldwide.

Patents Powering Progress

Our suite of U.S. patents safeguards NexoEdge’s unique technological advancements, underpinning our trailblazing innovation in data management and reinforcing our commitment to excellence and security.

Expertise Driving Technological Innovation

Our seasoned team, with decades in information engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering, drives NexoEdge’s innovation. Each member’s unique expertise from top universities fuels our technological progress.

Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to delivering unparalleled experiences to a broad range of users, from corporations to community developers. Our mission: empower organizations to optimize their data, driving efficiency and innovation.